Organizing trends come and go, and we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest. Do any of these resonate with you?


This trend is all about living with less and decluttering your home to create a more peaceful and relaxing environment. People are adopting a minimalist lifestyle by downsizing their possessions, focusing on quality over quantity, and organizing their spaces to maximize functionality and simplicity. We believe minimalism isn’t about how MUCH stuff you have but being INTENTIONAL about what you have.


Many people are embracing sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their homes, including repurposing things already owned, limiting purchases of new things, and being mindful of the materials things are made of. Organizing your home in an eco-friendly way encompasses both what you bring in and how you get rid of things going out. Ensuring long life spans of anything we own is part of living sustainably.

Smart Storage

Utilizing smart storage solutions that maximize space and reduce clutter is becoming increasingly popular. Examples of smart storage include utilizing under-bed storage, installing shelves and organizers in closets, and incorporating multipurpose furniture that has hidden storage compartments. These practices are especially valuable in smaller homes and multi-use rooms.

Digital Organization

With more people working from home and relying on technology for daily tasks, digital organization is becoming increasingly important. This can include organizing files and documents on your computer, using cloud storage to back up important information, and utilizing apps and digital tools to streamline daily tasks and schedules.


While not necessarily new, people are increasingly embracing personalization in their homes, organizing their spaces to reflect their individual styles, preferences, and neurodiversity. This trend can include using unique storage solutions, incorporating personalized décor, and creating custom systems that work specifically for their needs.

By incorporating these trends into your home organization, you can create a more efficient, functional, and personalized space that fits your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.