You’re going through a pile of clothes, ready to make some space and get rid of some things. Your Keep pile is reasonable, and you’re feeling good about the donation bag slowly filling up, but there’s this 3rd group hanging on – the “MAYBES”. Maybe I’ll fit in this again soon…, maybe I’ll go out for New Year’s or a holiday party this year and get to wear that…, maybe if I wear a shirt under that sweater it won’t be so scratchy…

Lots of reasonable reasons to hang onto something! Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t kid yourself that maybe is a decision separate from KEEP.

When you store your maybes in low-use areas like an upper shelf, a bag in the garage, or a spot in the basement it’s a first move to clearing out your active spaces. Just own the decision that it is still in your house taking up space. It’s still a YES, not a clear NO.

It’s your choice, and we all need that buffer sometimes. In the interest of living consciously and by design, own your decision that you aren’t fully ready to let something go and it is still going to live with you in your space – in some form.