When was the last time that getting dressed for work was a fast and easy process? You opened your closet, loved everything you saw, pulled out just what you were looking for, it looked great, it felt great, and you were on your way.

So many times, it’s not that easy. Instead, you open your closet and immediately get option anxiety. It’s jammed full. You can’t find what you’re looking for. Instead, you find pants that used to fit, but don’t anymore. A blouse without a button, and a skirt that needs to be hemmed. An assortment of options that are all tired and old and no longer spark joy. Your out-of-season clothes are blocking the in-season ones. And somewhere buried under the piles, and in amongst the chaos, is the outfit you’re looking for.

You end up pulling something from the chair, not the closet, where you left it last week. It works, it fits, and it’s in plain sight.

Now you’re running late and feeling cranky about the time you just wasted. Maybe even a little stressed and guilty about the mess and excess you’re leaving behind.

It’s time to tame your closet

If this happens to you more than once a week, it’s time to get your closet under control.

We wear 20% of our clothes, and the remaining 80% just remind us of bad purchases, outgrown sizes, outdated outfits, and aspirational new purchases meant for someday, but that day never comes.

Where do you start? It starts with a good edit.

Focus on what is essential. Be realistic about what you wear and need, and what you don’t. Toss, donate or consign anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months. By keeping only your favorites and the best of the best you will not only streamline your options but also simplify your morning routine.

Organize what’s left. You can arrange it by season, category, or color. Whatever works for you. For instance, if it’s winter, pull your sweaters, boots, and jackets forward and put the warm weather options in the back. And if all this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, I can help. Organizing closets is one of my favorite things to do!

Another pro tip – set aside time once a month for maintenance. Clean and mend anything that needs attention, edit and organize anything out of place.

Other ways to simplify your routine

When you buy something new, take a few minutes to test it out with existing pieces in your closet to create easy to grab outfits. Add shoes, accessories, and take a photo to remind you of how good it looks together.

Manage the volume by sticking to a one-in-one-out rule. Every time you add to the closet, something has to come out to create space.

Consider creating a capsule wardrobe made up of a limited number of staple pieces in coordinating colors. It’s usually 30 items or fewer, including shoes and sometimes even accessories. Each piece is an essential item, timeless and evergreen. By having limited options you will save time and relieve decision fatigue.

You could also create a personal uniform. Like Steve Job’s blue jeans and black turtlenecks, find brands that work for you, styles that suit your shape and your lifestyle, and only purchase clothes that are part of that formula. It could be black pants with an assortment of white shirts that you mix-and-match each day. Or skinny jeans and graphic tees. Getting dressed is easy because you know what looks good, and you stick to it.

Improve your closet space

Often the problem isn’t just the volume, it’s also a lack of organization. You can’t find the jacket that goes with those pants. The sweaters are piled so high that puling one out means they all tumble over into a messy heap.

You can make your closet more functional by moving or removing the rods, raising or lowering the shelves, and utilizing storage accessories like bins, baskets, and shelf dividers to make your closet easier to navigate. There are many companies, like California Closets and The Container Store, that offer closet shelving solutions, but often you can make your space work as-is with a few simple tweaks.

I’d love to help you simplify your morning routine and make your day better by using the Less More Method. To get help creating a more functional closet and for more tips on how to streamline your wardrobe, schedule a free consultation.