The travel bug has bitten; you’ve booked your flights and accommodation, and now it’s time to think about packing. But what are the absolute essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without? Here are the top 3 travel essentials I swear by after traveling for a month.  

Power Strip

Stay Connected and Powered Up

A portable phone charger is a must, but a portable power strip is also necessary. I used this one because it’s compact, and I like how the cord wraps up. We used it in airports with only one plug, but we were charging multiple devices and in hotel rooms to create a charging station. I bought a second one to put in our emergency kit in case we’re displaced, and outlets are scarce.   


For international travel, you’ll most likely need a universal plug adapter. These are typically lightweight and compact, making them perfect for tossing in your bag. 

Packing Cube

Packing Power

Packing cubes is an organizational game-changer. These fabric cubes come in various sizes and help you compress your belongings, maximize space in your suitcase, and keep everything neatly compartmentalized. I recommend using packing cubes for your carry-on, too, to keep your airplane essentials in one place. I used extra cubes to wrangle non-clothes items like electronics, headphones, travel documents, reading materials, etc.  


Designated drop zone

I used a valet like this, which you can unsnap and lie flat in your suitcase. When we got to our destination, I set up the valet to use for all our small and important items—rings, hotel keys, wallets—anything that you want to keep track of. It meant we weren’t wasting time searching for things on our way out the door.  

These are just a few travel essentials to make your trip more enjoyable. By packing smart and staying prepared, you can count on a stress-free adventure and focus on having fun!

Bonus Tip: 
Consider investing in a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on the go and reduce plastic waste. You might splurge and get the kind with a built-in filter.

Happy travels!