The laundry room can be a place of both necessity and frustration. Is your laundry room filled with piles of clothes…some clean, some needing mending and some that don’t even fit, it can be overwhelming.  

Here’s some organizing hacks to help you transform your laundry room into a haven of efficiency.

Step 1: Sort it out

  • Divide and conquer the piles: Invest in labeled baskets or bins for darks, lights, delicates, and any other sorting categories you require. This streamlines the process and prevents last-minute scrambling. Consider tall, vertical baskets take up a smaller footprint than wide, flat ones. 
  • Go through your cleaners: sort what you have by category.  Purge the products you don’t use … or don’t even know what they are for.
  • Start fresh with only the products you actually use.  One detergent, new softener, one dryer sheet, one bleach, one stain remover.

Step 2: Plan for efficient storage

  • Look up:  take advantage of unused vertical space. Shelves, hanging racks, and even magnetic organizers on stacking units can maximize your storage for detergents, stain removers, and other laundry supplies.
  • Mounted magic: Use the wall space or back or door to hang drying racks and ironing boards to get them off the floor.
  • Baskets and bins galore: Corral smaller supplies and cleaning products into sturdy baskets or bins. Opt for clear bins for easy visibility or closed ones for a neater look. Square or rectangular bins maximize space and stack well.
Mounted Magic

Additional Ideas:

  • Trash bin: Handy for emptying pockets and dryer lint
  • Uniformity is key: Invest in a set of matching containers for a cohesive look. This not only simplifies identification but also reduces visual clutter.
  • Foldable drying rack: A space-saving option that pops up when needed and folds flat for easy storage.

An organized laundry room doesn’t just look better; it saves you time and hassle. When supplies and tools are visible and easy to access, you have a system for sorting, and your laundry doesn’t stress you out, but it can have a big impact on this routine chore.