As a Professional Organizers I’m all about being intentional about how you store things. The garage, laundry room, or utility closet are often places that need help. These are areas where long-handled tools, long cords, and hoses often create a hassle and unsightly piles taking up valuable floor space. Utilizing hooks helps take advantage of vertical wall space and group like items together.

Know your options

There are 3 general options to choose from:

  • Individual hooks
  • Modular options where you install a mounting strip and snap in different hooks
  • Pre-designed strips of hooks

In all cases, hooks come in all different lengths and shapes to manage the variety of items you have.

Things to Hang

  • Brooms & mops
  • Shovels, rakes, yard tools
  • Vacuum hoses and wand extensions
  • Hoses, outdoor extension cords
  • Ladders


  • Use your vertical space to lift your tools up, freeing up valuable floor space
  • You can use the entire wall, not just the ground level
  • Hanging tools keep the handles separate for easy access
  • Dedicated hooks make maintenance and access easier, keeping the storage spaces neater and functional. 

Here are some examples:

And finally, here’s how I used a pre-designed strip of hooks on the back of a door to wrangle brooms. So much better than having them clutter up the limited space in the kitchen!